Furthering the mission of the Diaconate with your financial gift

In addition to welcoming a new class of deeks this spring, for the first time, the Diaconate’s Mercy Fund Special Offering will be received in May instead of November. The ministry of this vital mercy arm of the Redeemer churches is exclusively funded by generous donors who give above and beyond their regular giving to ensure we have resources to carry out the work of the Diaconate.

We are blessed with a number of supporters who give on a recurring basis throughout the year, but once a year we hold a special offering to raise a large portion of the funds that will allow our deeks to continue offering assistance to those in our churches who are facing particularly difficult seasons of life.

The Mercy Fund goes toward housing, counseling, food, transportation, and other basic life expenses and serves as a financial supplement to the spiritual and emotional support Diaconate clients receive from their deeks as they move forward toward a place of stability and self-sufficiency. The Mercy Fund also serves as the sole funding entity of all of the Diaconate’s auxiliary ministries, namely Free Indeed weekly grocery distribution, OWLS (50+) care group, women’s divorce care group, and meals ministry, and expenses related to carrying out Diaconate ministry.

We on the Diaconate are privileged to have the opportunity to embody God’s mercy. And it is one that the deacons and deaconesses at all four Redeemer churches take on with humble joy, marveling at the immense kindness God shows in using His people to bring care and restoration to His Church.

This ministry is made possible with your partnership. We ask that you pray for the deeks themselves and for the scope of the Diaconate’s ministry. We also ask that you give generously, this month and all throughout the year. With this simple act of support, you, too, can embody God’s mercy to those in need in a very practical way.

To give to the Diaconate’s Mercy Fund, please visit redeemer.com/mercygift.

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