Furthering the mission of the Diaconate this May

Here at Redeemer churches we follow the Scriptures, which task the Diaconate with taking care of those in need and distributing among them offerings raised for mercy use. Though “Embodying God’s mercy to those in need” is a simple tagline, it is a far more complicated reality to achieve. Being an extension of God’s mercy requires time, effort, intentionality, compassion, and a desire to see the transforming love of Christ meet others in a very personal way.

It is to this mission that the four Redeemer Diaconates are firmly committed, and it is for this mission that the remarkable deacons and deaconesses (deeks) who serve our four churches are trained, equipped, and supported. This May we are grateful to further the mercy ministry of the Redeemer Diaconate, both through financial and human resources alike.
This month each Redeemer church is excited to welcome the following new deeks to their ranks:

Redeemer Downtown
Jon Endean
Emily Lin
Elena Zeller

Redeemer East Side
Mary Gallagher
Doug Penn
Elizabeth Yoo

Redeemer Lincoln Square
Jeff Corelli
Rachel Geib
Trey Hicks
David Ho
Sharon Kim
Paul Middlekauff
Shiuan Wu
Kyle Wukasch

Redeemer West Side
Cassia Farley
Stephen De Filippo
Rachel Jawaha
Ashley Kerr
Steven Lawrence
Megan Petersen
Sarah Wells
Eddie Whang

Our appreciation goes to Redeemer members for nominating these men and women to be considered for the Diaconate ministry last November. Since then they have undergone extensive training and examination, and have been voted in by congregations.

Please continue to pray for our new and current Diaconate members as they commit and recommit to embodying God’s mercy to fellow congregants in need!

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