CFW conference April 13-14: Formed to Work for the Glory of God

The Center for Faith & Work is excited to announce its 7th annual Faith & Work Conference on April 13-14, 2018: Formed to Work for the Glory of God.

We live in a city that’s driven by ambition yet desperate for rest. But the gospel responds with a critical question: to what end? The gospel uniquely gives us a radical new vision that our work is for the glory of God: the issue is not that we expect too much from our work, but that we have come to expect too little.

When we see that work is created to glorify God, our work doesn’t necessarily get easier, but it does become more meaningful. The pain in our work is faced with greater honesty, where the brokenness can finally be named and seen. The unseen potential of our work is faced with greater imagination, where an innovative spirit can unleash what yearns to be resurrected. In short, when we discover that we’re formed to work for God’s glory, we find that our small tasks aren’t so small, and our big tasks are in better hands. Work becomes desirable. Rest becomes possible. Faith becomes essential.

Artists and educators, designers and technicians, homemakers, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, doctors, and everyone in between are welcome to this two-day experience to investigate how we are formed to work for the glory of God.

This is the third event in Redeemer’s Formation Conference Series. Speakers will include Tim Keller, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, David H. Kim, and Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, founder of the Central Park Conservancy, as well as over 20 Glimpse opportunities throughout NYC centered around work, culture and Sabbath. Worship will be led by Porter’s Gate, which includes musicians Sandra McCracken, Liz Vice, Paul Zach, Isaac Wardell, and others. Visit for full schedule and registration information.

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