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Launched in 2013, The Hope Exchange is a community of New Yorkers who build generosity into their daily lives and make a difference for the poor and marginalized through small, monthly gifts.

More than 200 members have joined, and our community is continuing to grow! Below, some Redeemerites share why they’ve decided to commit to being generous to the poor of our city.

“When I was still in college, I heard Tim Keller say that if we all actually gave 10%, it would “float all the boats,” i.e. all good causes whether churches or nonprofits would be funded; and that if we scheduled our giving we would give more, and we wouldn’t even feel it because it becomes automatic, like a 401k. It was so persuasive that I decided to give on a recurring basis to any cause I care about, and that I actually know is making a difference. Hope for New York is one that I know keeps a lot of grassroots ministries afloat and serves a lot of vulnerable New Yorkers. And I know it because I’ve experienced it!” –Clara Lee

“I love being able to give monthly support to an organization like HFNY that supports amazing programs serving our city, and that gives me the chance to volunteer and serve alongside them as well.” –Nathan Vickery

“I asked myself, “Where could I give up one personal delight a month to support God’s work in one of the many ministries HFNY supports?” The comparison was practical and the goal was very tangible for me. I was excited about the difference I could make with this monthly commitment over time.” –Daniela Lee

“My hope for the city is that we can equip those less fortunate with the tools and opportunities necessary to find jobs, provide for their families, and become role models to others around them. I gave up a nice dinner once a month to help make this happen.” –Blake Deboer

“I give because we’re called to seek the peace and prosperity of the city. I cook at home a few nights each week so that children can achieve academically.” –Erin Ax

“I joined the Hope Exchange because like the name suggests, I have the opportunity to provide hope for someone, whether it is food through soup kitchens and food pantries, counseling for the homeless, educational materials and mentoring for youth, job-skills training for immigrants, or other great ways that Hope for New York provides for the city. I exchange this hope through the small gift I make come from giving up a cup of coffee and a dinner out.” –John Vincent Hilario

If you’d like to join these Redeemerites in committing to generosity to the poor throughout the year, find out more at We’re hoping to add 200 more members by the end of the month!

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