A heartfelt thanks from the Diaconate

During the Diaconate’s annual “Inspire Mercy Night,” Pastor David Bisgrove shared his reflection on Luke 15, a passage that contains three parables about recovering what is lost. The first parable concerns a stray sheep, the second is about a lost coin and the final parable is the return of the prodigal son. He pointed out that when the lost becomes found, heaven throws a party. Though three very different parables, what they share in common is restoration. And we on the Diaconate get to witness, participate and celebrate restorations over and over when we work with congregants going through hardships, attempting to claim what has been lost to them, whether a job, a relationship, or stability.

As you probably know, the Diaconate is Redeemer’s ministry of mercy to those within our church family who are in need. Every November we take our annual special offering for the Mercy Fund. You, our generous donors, make the work of the Diaconate possible.

Through our Mercy Fund, our deacons and deaconesses are able to meet the urgent needs of our congregants. It might surprise you to know many in our church family are wrestling with financial, medical and/or emotional instability. Through the Diaconate’s ministry, lives are being changed as God works through this ministry to provide practical and spiritual help to those in the pews next to you when they need it.

The Diaconate ministry is completely donor supported and every gift matters. For examples, your gift of $80 underwrites one counseling session for a church member in crisis, and your gift of $121 translates to a monthly metro card that enables a congregant to get to work everyday.

So during this holiday season, we are thankful for you, dear ministry partners, for sharing the resources you have in order to help bring the tender love of Jesus to the needy brothers and sisters in our midst. Please accept our gratitude and our invitation to continue your giving toward our work of restoration through the Diaconate ministry.

Give to our Mercy Fund, at redeemer.com/mercygift.

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