2017 year end financial update

In the past year Redeemer has transitioned from one church to three churches. In addition, Redeemer West Side launched a fourth site, Redeemer Lincoln Square. In the next two years, Redeemer East Side and Downtown each plan to launch an additional site, growing the Redeemer family of churches to six locations. God is doing amazing things through Redeemer to renew the city. As we move forward with the vision God has given us, we are incredibly grateful for each of you who support the Redeemer family of churches and ministries in so many ways, through your prayers, service and financial generosity — Thank you!

In the month of December, Redeemer historically receives over 30% of its total annual giving. Each of the four congregations are working diligently to meet budgeted giving goals for 2017 so that Redeemer will be a family of self-sustaining churches. This year, Redeemer needs to receive $7.2M or 38% of our annual giving in December to meet our annual goal of $19.1M.

Redeemer’s hope is to see God grow the gospel movement in New York City to a level where the grace and joy of Christ’s love is permeating and renewing every neighborhood in the city.

If you would like to help Redeemer’s churches meet their giving goals, you can make a gift at redeemer.com/give. We are humbled by all God is doing through your generous support of Redeemer Churches and ministries and look forward with anticipation for what God will do in the coming year as work together to love and serve the city.

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