With Gratitude for Your Generosity

The Diaconate would like to thank all who gave generously to the Mercy Fund on December 19, 2010. Because of this special offering our deacons and deaconesses are able to meet the practical and financial needs of those in our midst who are suffering from a variety of personal and life circumstances and difficulties, especially as this recession continues. Here is an excerpt from one of our care recipients:

A couple of months ago I tore the meniscus in my left knee. I knew I was in trouble when the doctor told me I needed x-rays and therapy. My medical insurance has a co-pay for everything and when you live paycheck to paycheck with no sick days...well, soon my rent was behind and I didn’t have any money. I called the Diaconate. They gave me money for food and rent. I am back to work now and want to say thank you to my “Deeks” Bill and Mary and to each of you for your kindness. I still have an apartment and a job because of your generosity.

Our Mercy Fund disbursement from January through November 2010 increased by 35% compared with 2009 to $370k from $248k. Please know we are very grateful and consider you to be partners with us as we care for those God brings our way. If you know any congregants in need, please encourage them to call our Helpline (212) 726-1334.

If you would still like to donate to the Mercy Fund, go to www.redeemer.com/care/diaconate/donations.html to learn the ways you can give. Thank you again.

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