Why Hope for New York Affiliates Love Our Volunteers

Hope for New York hosted its annual Awesome Volunteer Appreciation dinner last month at the W83 Ministry Center. More than 200 committed volunteers, volunteer team leaders, and Hope for New York affiliate staff gathered to celebrate the work our volunteers are doing to serve the poor and marginalized across New York City.

As part of the evening, staff from Hope for New York affiliate organizations shared “one-sentence thank yous” (well, some were a little longer than a sentence!) We’ve included a few below:

“I love my volunteers because they realize that the kids teach them as much as they teach the kids.”
– Matt Mahoney, Executive Director, Operation Exodus Inner City—a mentoring program for underserved children in Washington Heights

“I am thankful for the HFNY volunteers that provide access to justice for Open Hands’ clients—New York City’s most underserved and low-income populations.”
– C. J. Masimore, Executive Director, Open Hands Legal Services—serving homeless and low-income New Yorkers by providing free legal services

“I want to thank our volunteers for going above and beyond in giving of themselves so that those with unexpected pregnancies and those who have had abortion can experience hope for their futures.”
– Meredith Stone, Client Services Director, Midtown Pregnancy Support Center—offering support to men and women dealing with unexpected pregnancies

“I would like to thank our Hope for New York volunteers for feeding the hungry and encouraging the hopeless, especially through our monthly Food Pantry outreach to poor Chinatown moms.”
– Joe Little, New York City Rescue Mission—a homeless shelter and soup kitchen that provides emergency services, counseling, and recovery programs

“Hope for New York volunteers have assisted Gifted Hands with birthing and maintaining 55 compassionate ministry outreaches in NYC. I like to use an old American Express phrase that describes my relationship with and appreciation for HFNY volunteers—HFNY volunteers: I do not leave home without them!”
– Dustee Hullinger, Executive Director, Gifted Hands—an art therapy program for populations including at-risk youth, the homeless, and people living with HIV/AIDS

Interested in volunteering with Hope for New York this summer? Check out hfny.org/volunteer and search for volunteer opportunities by organization, date, population served, and region.

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