This month, give to His Toy Store

His Toy Store, Hope for New York’s Christmas outreach for families in need across our city, starts this November!

All month through November 30, Hope for New York will be accepting online donations for toys for families in need all over our city.

This year, we’re working with our affiliate partners to host 7 His Toy Stores in strategic neighborhoods in December. At these stores, parents can shop for toys at no cost and are also able to connect to local ministries.

These parents include the working poor in low-income neighborhoods, formerly incarcerated individuals reconnecting with their families, and moms and dads in residential recovery programs. For many of them, His Toy Store is the only opportunity they have to provide gifts for their children.

Last year, we met parents like LaToya, who has been involved with A House on Beekman’s “Mommy & Me” program in the Bronx for three years and received toys for her three children: a lullabye Elmo for her 6-month old, a baby doll for her 2 year-old daughter, and toy cars for her 7 year-old son.

“When their dad lost his job, I thought, ‘How am I going to do everything? Here comes rent, but what are we going to do for toys?’” she said. “It took a weight off.”

However, we don’t see this outreach as just a one-time giveaway — our hope is that parents connect with a caring community for year-round support and spiritual community. Last year, LaToya brought two of her neighbors to the outreach, and she told us that A House on Beekman has given her the supportive community she has been lacking.

“I don’t have to think that it’s just me and the kids,” she said. “It’s a family.”

How to Give:

Our goal is to raise enough to stock our stores for 750 families: that’s around 2,100 toys. This year, giving to His Toy Store is completely online! Simply go to to make your gift by November 30

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