Thank you for giving to bring hope this Easter!

We at Hope for New York thank everyone in the Redeemer community who celebrated God’s response to our spiritual poverty this Easter by giving generously to our neighbors in need.

100% of the gifts to our Easter Sacrificial Offering earlier this month help bring hope to our neighbors by directly supporting programs at our non-profit affiliates.
And God is doing some incredible work through our affiliates. From residential recovery programs at The Bowery Mission to mentoring and discipleship at Young Life to art-based shelter outreach at Gifted Hands, we’re constantly in awe of how God is using our partners to transform lives and communities.
We hope you were encouraged by the testimonies shared at each of the Redeemer Easter services. Here are some highlights from the stories of restoration that our neighbors shared:

“Here, I’ve been fed the Word of God, and it’s helping me understand myself and life and the world a lot better. I went through a lot growing up, but I’ve realized that God wasn’t torturing me, he was there with me. I truly believe God knows where he wants you to be when he wants you to be there.”
– Edward, The Bowery Mission

“Before, I was timid and insecure. I had no self-confidence, no purpose beyond being a good student. I relied on my intelligence. But being part of Young Life helped me rely instead on the characteristics of God. I’ve experienced so many life-giving situations and heard so many words of love and truth.”
– David, Young Life

“I felt the love from jewelry class — the love, the patience, the respect that the world doesn’t give you when you’re homeless. I felt I got that at Gifted Hands. It boosted my self esteem. And to get connected back with my faith, it’s like I’m somebody. God made me. No matter where I’m at. I’m still somebody. I’m still worthy just like anybody else.”
– Sophia, Gifted Hands

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