Stories of Changed Lives Through Hope for New York

Clients from Hope for New York affiliate organizations shared stories of Gospel restoration and hope at Redeemer services over Palm Sunday and Easter.
A few of their stories are excerpted below:

Client, The Bowery Mission Women’s Center
When I came to the Bowery Mission, for the first time I felt like everything would be OK. I realized that God still loved me—that he had not abandoned me, but that He sent His son Jesus to be near to me and save me. I found that I began to understand what I was reading in God’s Word. I saw a thread in the trials of people in the Bible, and saw how God brought them through, and that, because I trust in Jesus for my salvation and hope, He would bring me through!

Client, Brooklyn Teen Challenge
When I walked through the doors of Teen Challenge, I was consumed with doubts and fears. Will my wife fall out of love with me? Will my son not recognize me? Who will provide financially for my family? Will God really change me? I can tell you that in only five months God has already gone above and beyond my expectations. He is teaching me what it means to a have a relationship with Jesus Christ. My eyes are being opened to the fact I can do nothing on my own. I don’t know how to be obedient or respectful. I don’t even know how to truly love my own wife and son. My very desire to seek God is not even my own. Everything I have today is because of God’s grace and what he has offered me in Jesus, and because he has given me the power of the Holy Spirit.

Client, New York City Rescue Mission
At the darkest moment of my life, I entered into the residential recovery program at the NYC Rescue Mission. My sister was familiar with the Mission, and she saw that I had nothing left for life, I saw no hope of recovery, and I felt no spiritual faith at all. Since entering the Mission, I have realized that God never abandoned me, but that I had abandoned Him. During a step class taught at the mission, I realized my need for Jesus to forgive my sins and give me a new life, and so I gratefully turned my life over to Him. It turns out He was what I have been missing in my life.

We praise God for the work He is doing through Hope for New York’s affiliate organizations, and we are so grateful to those in our church who gave generously and sacrificially to this work through the Easter Sacrificial Offering.

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