Redeemer Lincoln Square church plant secures Ethical Culture Society site

We are excited about so many aspects of this new church site planting venture, but because it is such a clear answer to our prayers and hope, we are especially excited to be able to announce that we will be returning to worship at the Ethical Culture Society on 64th and Central Park West. As this location is just north of the transportation crossroads of Columbus Circle, it allows us to reach the broader west side, as well as locations to the north and south.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to build on Redeemer’s roots in this space. We seriously hope for your continued partnership with us in prayer as we prepare for our Easter launch.

Meanwhile, a little family background: In the summer of 2001 I arrived in New York for my summer training for Teach for America. Though I had grown up the child of native New Yorkers, I had yet to make New York my own. It was still a great sprawling metropolis where the streets sparkled and every corner held the promise of something new and exciting.

Within a few short weeks, one thing became evident. I remember standing on the corner of West 66th and Broadway and thinking that this was the place that I wanted to call home. Alistair Cooke was spot on when he said, “New York is the biggest collection of villages,” and I had found my village — the Upper West Side.

Since that time we have learned so much about what it means to be part of a village. We have learned the beauty of getting to know our neighbors. For in knowing and being known by others, we get glimpses of the great diversity of our God. It is that deep sense of being known and loved that we want to foster in this new congregation. When we are rooted amongst God’s people with his word as our guide, we can then move out humbly and earnestly to serve those around us.

As we pray and prepare for Redeemer Lincoln Square, we pray for a community marked not only by its care and concern for those in its congregation, but also by its outwardly faced compassion and service for the neighbors who make up this village.

For more information, go to square.

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