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Did you know that over 25,000 sermons are downloaded every week from the Redeemer sermon store from over 160 countries? Or that Redeemer has helped to plant almost 100 churches in non-US cities since 2001? Or that this year members of the Redeemer staff will travel to cities on six continents to train and coach pastors? From the beginning part of Redeemer’s vision has been to help launch churches in Manhat-tan, its boroughs and other international cities. That vision is not to help start churches that look exactly like Redeemer, but to help pastors in their own cities start churches appropriate for their unique culture and context. This led to the formal launch of the Redeemer Church Planting Center in 2001. Since then RCPC has offered funding, training, assessment and ongoing coaching to pastors from all over the world. Because the ministries of Redeemer Presbyterian Church have helped the gospel to take vigorous root in New York City, there has been an increased demand for ministry support beyond NYC. More people approach Redeemer for help in starting churches and more people download sermons and read Tim Keller’s books than ever before. Sensing this growing demand for resources and training, Redeemer has established a new, separate organization called Redeemer City to City. Re-deemer City to City will now be the organizational name which covers both Redeemer Church Planting Center and Redeemer Labs, the department that has been developing and distributing new content resources for Redeemer (such as The Prodigal God curriculum in 2009 and the Gospe[in]ife curriculum set to debut in 2010).

What does this mean practically? First, it means that the name “Redeemer Church Planting Center” will not be used anymore. Going forward, many of the books and studies written by Tim Keller and others at Redeemer, as well as church planter training conferences and events will come from Redeemer City-to-City. Also, there is a new website for finding resources: www.redeemer

In 2010 Redeemer City to City will publish two new curricula (Gospel in Life and The Reason for God) and develop a new book on the life of Jesus. Year-round training for church planters will continue in New York City and four “Immersion” training events are planned for international cities. There are also plans to assist 30 new churches to start public worship in global cities.

As God says about one such great city in the Bible, “Ninevah has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people… Should I not be concerned about that great city?” (Jonah 4:11). Please pray that Redeemer City to City would be fruitful and faithful in its mission to help leaders bring the gospel to great global cities.

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