“New Birth” stories

Peter, James and John were living quietly as fishermen when Jesus showed up and changed their lives forever — “they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.” (Luke 5:11) The way they lived and what they found important changed forever when Jesus came into their lives. Their lives were reborn or born anew. At the heart of the gospel are stories like this of changed lives, of new birth — people who have been forever changed by their encounters with Jesus Christ. His life, death and resurrection are the good news of the gospel and many New Yorkers who attend Redeemer have had their lives forever changed by this gospel.

As we approach Easter, one of the ways we recognize the reality of the resurrection is through people’s stories of changed lives, stories of the “new birth” where people have started a new life with Jesus. In our Easter Sunday worship services we ask some of these people to share their testimonies of how the gospel has changed their lives and how it has transformed the way they live, think and act. They are New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds and professions and yet all of their stories point to the amazing life changing power the gospel holds.

Additionally, each year we attempt to add stories like these to an online collection of video vignettes called New Birth Portraits. We invite you to watch these short videos at newbirthportraits.com and to share these stories with your friends.

If you’ve experienced the life changing power of the gospel and would like to share your story or read others’ stories, we also have a site that we launched with our 25th anniversary last fall which has many more stories of changed lives which you can read. To learn more, go to 25years.redeemer.com.

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