"Love in Action and Truth": Serving the City

On Sunday, October 4, there was a “Love In Action & Truth” event sponsored by RENEW and Hope for New York (HFNY). The goal of the event was to mobilize Redeemer congregants to serve the city during the month of October as a response to the vision message on “Hope for the Poor.” According to 1 John 3, the gospel calls for involvement in each others’ lives, involvement in our neighborhoods, and involvement in the lives of the poor.

During this RENEW campaign, HFNY reserved over 300 volunteer opportunities specifically for Redeemer volunteers. Each weekend, volunteers served HFNY affiliates by participating in renovation projects, serving hot meals, creating homeless care kits, etc. This was a timely and critical event especially as the city’s poverty rates are rising and the number of low-income families are growing. NYC’s nonprofits are still experiencing 10% to as much as 70% drop in revenue this year. The “Love In Action & Truth” event was a reminder of the great needs of our city.

Hope for New York, Redeemer’s mercy arm, mobilizes volunteer and financial resources to organizations serving the poor and marginalized of New York City.To volunteer or to learn about ways that you can support HFNY’s work in the city, go to www.hfny.org.

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