In the Gospel: Sex, Singleness and Marriage

New York City brings with it a diversity, vibrancy, and pace unrivaled across the U.S. This dynamism lends itself to a dizzying plethora of options and choices, from what kind of ethnic food to try out next, to what sort of arts activities to engage in. For Christians, this endless array of possibilities can contribute to challenges and struggles when it impacts our view of and response to sex, singleness and marriage. We know as believers we are called to live in the city but not be of it, and we are to be an alternative city, one that cannot be hidden. Yet to know how to live differently, we constantly need to be reminded of God’s truth and from there work out with one another how we apply it practically.

To encourage us to examine in community how God calls us to live in the areas of sexuality, singleness and marriage, the Fellowship Group Department has developed a new curriculum. It’s broad and introductory but gospel-centered, and intended to be both provocative and practical.

In a departure from other studies, it requires greater involvement from group members and includes a multi-media component. Study materials for weeks 1 to 6 will be circulated in advance and group members will be asked to read these before their next meeting. Leaders will then use these readings to facilitate discussions about how to concretely apply the teaching to our urban context.

The study culminates with a video in week 7, entitled “Lives of Hope.” Made up of a broad spectrum of Redeemerites who are women and men, single and married, it weaves together various themes including fears, expectations, boundaries, community, practical advice, and reflections. And it provides an opportunity to hear how ordinary people in our midst are concretely applying the gospel in these areas. Designed to be shown in the final week but in three segments, the video includes discussion questions that are tailored to each part.

This new study, including a trailer for the video, will be available on the website for fellowship group leaders in June, making it a perfect option for groups meeting over the summer!

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