Explore your calling in a Vocational Intensive

It reached out and grabbed me and convinced me I had to change my life. – Katie Sullivan, Legal Intensive

Are you looking for ways to explore your calling this year? This fall, consider deepening your faith and work integration with a 3-Month Vocational Intensive. Intensives follow similar contours to the Gotham curriculum framework, exploring how the gospel is at work transforming our hearts, communities, and the world, and are led by Gotham Alumni. Over the course of nine weekly 2-hour meetings and three Saturday sessions, participants learn in community how to apply theological content and biblical truths to everyday work life, creating a more meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work.

Participation in a fall intensive includes attendance at the 2015 CFW Conference. This year’s conference is Beyond Collaboration: Discovering the Communal Nature of Calling. This two-day event will explore themes of covenant and calling, investigating how the gospel makes a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The intensive also incorporates daily devotionals, weekly theological readings and a prayer partner relationship into the curriculum.

This fall’s lineup includes Cross-Vocational, Law, Healthcare, Built Environment (architects, developers, planners, real estate sales, construction), and Arts, with more to be announced.

Before this program, I never stopped to ask myself how I could integrate my faith into the workplace. In hindsight, my church, work, and social life were not intertwined, but instead, were kept separate from one another. For some time, I was selfishly preoccupied with finding the perfect job. Essentially, I was looking for work itself to fulfill me. I wanted work to serve me rather than I serve it. Never did I ask myself how I could serve and bring God’s kingdom into the workplace until I began this 3-month Vocational Intensive. – Gena Lee, Cross-Vocational Intensive

Check faithandwork.com/intensives for updates.

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