Elected to care: The diaconate welcomes a new class of officers

The behind the scenes work of the Redeemer Diaconate, though often unnoticed, plays a vital role in loving and serving the church community. This group of dedicated individuals seeks to administer God’s mercy and grace in tangible, meaningful ways by meeting the various needs — physical, financial, emotional and/or spiritual — of the congregants attending Redeemer.

This task requires a sacrificial investment of time and energy to ensure that congregants are cared for well, so as to eventually facilitate a full restoration to self-sufficiency and stability.

Services of the Redeemer Diaconate include connecting congregants to financial resources, counseling, job search skills training, or other means necessary to meet immediate needs in their lives. The deeks (our affectionate term for deacons and deaconesses) also make themselves available after worship services to those who are in need of prayers. In essence, our deeks are voluntarily agreeing to enter into the lives of these congregants and walk with them, guiding them both practically and spiritually as they navigate the waters of their individual circumstances.

The responsibility of our deeks is great, and as such the candidates wishing to serve in this role are carefully assessed and questioned for theological understanding as well as emotional and spiritual readiness to take on such a role. The individuals who have recently been elected in the new class of the Diaconate have met all the necessary qualifications and have, through a series of interviews, trainings and assessments, been approved by the elders and elected by church members as individuals uniquely fit to serve in this capacity.

It is with great pleasure and joy that we welcome the following individuals as newly elected deeks!

Redeemer Downtown


Susan Lee

Catherina Park

Denise Sohn

Redeemer East Side


Shirley Chew

Laura Yoshida

Meadou Kim


Mark Chang

James Rim

Redeemer Lincoln Square


Leslie Kim

Jordan Tanksley


James Juhn

We are delighted that God has called these men and women to serve the church, and we are thankful for their invaluable commitment to caring for our faith community! Please pray for them as they embark on this new journey.

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