Each new Rise pledge made by May 7 will receive a $2,700 match—up to $2.7M!

During the Rise campaign we've been talking about growing a movement. A movement of the gospel, for the good of our city and everyone in it; one that's made up of hundreds of churches and thousands of believers, all seeking to serve New York City by God's grace.

To see God grow this gospel movement to the size and influence we're praying for, it will take all of us doing whatever God is calling us to do. We're praying that God will triple the body of Christ in New York City and we know it's an enormous project. And because this project is so big, it will take more than a few people giving or volunteering, it's going to take thousands of us. That's why we've set audaciously high goals for the Rise campaign. For instance, we hope to reach our goal of 2,500 households that make a financial pledge—which is a huge leap of faith when we've never had more than 1,100 households pledge to one of our previous campaigns. On the other hand, by God's grace we might just get there. Here's a reason to be hopeful:

As of the last week in April, we had reached 1,500 households that had pledged to Rise! Then something else exciting happened: a group of anonymous donors came forward to create a challenge matching gift for the Rise campaign with the hope of helping Redeemer reach it's goal of 2,500 total pledges. On Sunday, May 1, we announced that these donors are matching each new pledge to Rise with an additional $1,700, up to a total of $1.7 million. Then God did something even more incredible: more donors joined in to increase the match by another $1 million. This means if you make a new pledge by Saturday May 7, 11:59 p.m. EST—no matter the size—your pledge will be worth an additional $2,700 to the Rise vision!

If we receive 1,000 new pledges, we'll get the entire $2.7 million matching amount. If you haven't made a pledge yet, would you make one today?

You can make your pledge at: rise.redeemer.com/give

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