Diaconate Mercy Fund Special Offering

“While New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, full of opportunity and excitement, life in New York City can also be a very cold, lonely, and incredibly isolating environment as well. Thanks to the diaconate, I found New York City to be the place where God truly and completely met me and transformed my life. Because of the compassion shown to me, what was a very dark hour became a time where God showered His grace and love over me.” – Diaconate Care Recipient

Often times giving and sharing become more amplified as Christmas approaches. It is a holiday that is so universally celebrated even those who don’t quite yet believe in Jesus Christ participate in giving and receiving gifts. We as believers delight in receiving the gift of hope that comes from the mystery of Jesus Christ’s birth, the incarnation of our Lord for our redemption and restoration.

We on the Diaconate have the privilege and joy of experiencing redemption and restoration of ours and others’ brokenness through our ministry. The Mercy Fund we are able to draw on enables our deacons and deaconesses to be Jesus’ hands and feet in serving the needs of our congregants. The money raised at our annual special offering goes towards providing direct financial help and various types of support such as counseling, career coaching, budgeting, meals delivery, post divorce care, and etc. to those who need help in our church family.

On Sunday, December 8, at all East Side services and West Side evening services and on December 15 at all Downtown services and West Side morning services, the Diaconate will receive our annual special offering. We rely on your prayer support, and invite you to partner with us by giving to the Mercy Fund. In addition to prayerfully considering contributing to this vital ministry of mercy, please encourage those congregants around you who are in need to contact the Diaconate for help. Our Mercy Fund is available to members and regular attendees of Redeemer.

And if you are a Redeemer member or regular attendee with a financial or other practical need, please call the Diaconate Helpline, (917) 719-0259. For more information, visit www.redeemer.com/diaconate.

Thank you in advance for your partnership. Merry Christmas.

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