Conference on Being Single: Saturday, March 1

When Redeemer first began holding services 25 years ago, up until the present day, the majority of our attendees have been single men and women. This is in line with the overall demographics of Manhattan, but it brought with it the “law of unintended consequences.” Because we were and are so largely single, we have not worked to focus on singles or their needs. The joke used to be: “Where do I find Redeemer’s singles group?” Answer: “Redeemer IS a singles group.”

The result is that there has been very little teaching specifically designed to help Christian singles consider how to live in a way that glorifies God, as well as addressing the challenges of doing that in New York City in the 21st Century.

Late being better than never, we have worked for the past six months on a conference and follow-up groups for those endeavoring (with whatever level of success or lack of it) to follow Jesus faithfully as a single person. Honestly facing our failures as a church, as well as our failures as individual Christians, we will try to bring the resources of the Gospel—repentance, forgiveness, renewal, and community support—to bear on the issues of greatest concern for singles. Loneliness, sexuality, confidence in God’s wisdom and love, and a theology of singleness will all be addressed.

Arrive early to see video of person-on-the-street interview expressing opinions about singleness.

Saturday, March 1 from 10:00AM to 3:00PM (Check in begins at 9:15AM)
W83 Ministry Center, 150 W. 83rd St.
Registration fee: $15. (Space is limited.)
Register at

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