College Student Ministry Started

City Campus Ministry had its first meeting on Sunday, September 13 with over 59 undergraduate students in attendance. In connection with Redeemer and other local churches, it is an effort to facilitate an environment where students feel comfortable exploring the big questions and to allow them to observe how the Christian gospel interacts with all of life. At the large group Sunday discussions City Campus staff present a relevant topic or theme that is then dissected by the students. College students also have the option of joining a weekly Bible study or meeting with a mentor in a particular field of interest.

Overall, there are a lot of things going on in the life of the average New York college student. However, most college students are asking basically three questions during their four-year tenure at university. The first question is: Who should I be with? This question has a corporate and an individual aspect to it. Corporately, students want to know who they will identify with while in college. As individuals this is also a personal question when it comes to romantic interests and other particular relationships.

The second question most college students ask is: What should I do with my life? Notice this question is not only a question about picking careers, although it is at least that, but it is also a deeper question about one’s interests, affinities, and overall goals. This is not an easy thing to figure out with so many competing philosophies and options available. How does one choose?

Lastly, the third question is: What is the point of everything? This many be the most foundational question, but it usually doesn’t arise until some disappointments have occurred. Thoughtful students use their college time to “try on” different visions of reality in an effort to see what fits.

The goal of City Campus Ministry is not only to foster a community in which Christian, non-Christian, and seeking individuals relate. It is also a place where students can explore Christianity and its impact on one’s life, mind, and heart.

We currently meet after Redeemer’s 10:30AM service at noon in Room 117 of the Hunter College, West Bldg. If you are a college student who would like more information, an individual interested in mentoring or volunteering, or a member of the community interested in supporting this ministry through donation, visit our website at:

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