City to City projects: Seven cities and counting

At City to City, our role is to empower leaders from many denominations and cities around the world to start self-sustaining churches. We do this through resources, training, grants, and personal coaching relationships that last for years. We are privileged to have a front row seat to what God is doing in global cities, in ways large and small.

This April on our website, we unveiled a series we call “City to City Projects.” We have been highlighting specific church plants in global cities using video and stories captured on the ground. Our goal for these projects is threefold: 1) to crowdfund $5,000 to go directly to those churches, similar to Kickstarter; 2) to pair these new churches with a partner church in North America that will fund an additional $50,000; and 3) for these churches to eventually “pay it forward” and re-grant that money to another church plant. We hope this financial model will create momentum for new churches where they are the most needed and most expensive: global cities.

So far we have highlighted church plants in the Bronx, the Bowery, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vancouver, and Delhi. We have reached our goal of $5,000 online for 3 out of 8 of these churches, and paired most “of them up with a partner church. More importantly, we have had our eyes opened to the work these churches are doing in places like East Berlin where “I don’t think there [was] a church they could go to even if they wanted to.”

That statement was made by Alex Deuscher, who was part of our five-week International Intensive in 2012. All eight of these leaders have received training from City to City, so you may see some familiar faces from past City to City Sundays! To check out these projects or give to them directly, please visit

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