Center for Faith and Work expands

Over the past year the Center for Faith & Work (CFW) refocused its programming for the Redeemer family of churches to build out church-based expressions of faith and work ministry within and across each congregation.

As mentioned in the January Redeemer Report, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, CFW’s founder and director for the first decade, agreed to step back into the leadership role of Redeemer’s CFW last year to provide stability, direction, and high-level leadership. Katherine helped clarify the role and organizational structure of faith and work ministry for both Redeemer and Redeemer City to City, and led the effort to extend CFW’s theological vision and programs to other churches and church plants around the globe.

One of the most significant expressions of CFW is the Gotham Fellows program. The Gotham Fellows class of 2020 is a solid group of mature vocational leaders seeking to grow in their callings. As we welcome this 12th class of Gotham Fellows into an exciting year of theological study and spiritual formation for gospel-centered work in the world, we want to also acknowledge the leadership team supporting them as well as our faith and work classes, events and lectures throughout the year.

Scott Calgaro, in his role as Director of CFW, worked last year to provide leadership to the Gotham Fellowship, faith and work classes, as well as various events and lectures throughout the year. Over the past year we graduated 58 members in the Gotham class of 2019. We are pleased to announce the following pastoral leaders of Faith & Work ministry at each Redeemer church: Milla Nieminen, Redeemer West Side; Mark Ro, Redeemer East Side; Jeff White, Redeemer Downtown.

Over the last year Scott oriented these church leaders to the Gotham experience, and they now work together under Scott’s coordination to deepen and grow this premier Redeemer discipleship and mobilization program. This year, Alan Charnock (2015 Gotham Alum and recent RTS NYC graduate) and Judson Bergman join the Gotham team as pastoral interns at Redeemer West Side and Redeemer East Side to support the cohort leaders.

In addition, Scott is leading CFW’s other Faith & Work courses and programs. He is supported by Laura Rogers in communications and program operations, and Cory Maxwell-Coghlan (2016 Gotham Alum and current RTS student), who is leading his third iteration of the 7-Week Faith & Work course this fall.

Redeemer has always recognized the importance of the church to equip and mobilize its people to live out the gospel in their everyday work — from the highest level of leadership to the most entry-level job. CFW has long been a critical part of Redeemer’s vision and a model to other churches around the world. Scott, Laura and the church’s leaders multiply their impact through the development of congregational leaders who come alongside the Gotham fellows, teach CFW classes and create new materials, in addition to living out their faith in their workplace.

We’re grateful to Katherine Alsdorf for stepping in this last year to help us work through a challenging transition. Over the months ahead she will continue to work with Redeemer City to City to help launch CTC’s Global Faith & Work Initiatives, to grow the exciting opportunities to train and mobilize faith and work ministries throughout our global church networks. Fifteen cities are now running their own Faith & Work fellows programs, based on the Gotham Fellowship, and CTC looks to expand that to 50 cities in the next 4-5 years.

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