Book Review: Good News About Injustice

As Christians, we find our lives being played out in two continually unfolding and paradoxical realities; that evil has been triumphed over by Christ and His victorious cross, putting evil to open shame; yet at the same time, we see that evils grip seems only to be tightening on the world. For those of us who feel this tension, Gary Haugen has written The Good News About Injustice: A Witness of Courage In A Hurting World.

In The Good News About Injustice, Gary Haugen, founder and CEO of International Justice Mission (IJM) lays out a comprehensive theology of justice and injustice, his experiences as a UN Investigator, what the Scriptures say, and how we are called to respond as Christians. The bulk of the book lies, I believe, in the middle, chapters 4-7, where Haugen makes four affirmations about the nature and character of God that are crucial to understand if we are to fulfill what God has asked of us; 1) God loves justice and, conversely, hates injustice, 2) God has compassion for those who suffer injustice— everywhere around the world, without distinction or favor, 3) God judges and condemns those who perpetrate injustice, and 4) God seeks active justice for those who suffer injustice. But the book does not end there, with a big, nice sounding theology, Haugen draws us into the fight, everyday people, providing practical tools, insight, and ways to truly become ambassadors of Christ with a ministry and message of reconciliation.

The passionate plea of The Good News About Injustice calls out to those who desire a Christianity that risks, that dares and that desires not a domesticated Christ, but one who is out in the darkest corners of the earth, weeping that His children are suffering and that so few are there to stand in the gap, to intercede and to restore.

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