02 2016

A Story of Renewal Video: Trapped in the Grip of God’s Grace

In this video vignette, Jordan Rice shares his story about how God prepared him and brought him to plant a church here in NYC in partnership with Redeemer City to City.

After the unexpected death of his wife, Jordan wrestled with and did not understand why God would allow her to die. Through this tragedy, Jordan realized that he had constructed his own version of God—a god who wouldn't let anything bad happen as long as you were good—and came to ultimately find the beauty of the gospel: "Life will not always give you what you want. But in every situation, in every circumstance, God is there; God is present." 

Jordan realized that real hope was found in knowing that God will never forsake and leave us because of Christ, and he continues to share the gospel at his church, Renaissance Church. Watch Jordan's story here.

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