02 2016

2015 Year End Giving Update

In December we emphasized the importance of year-end giving in order to meet our 2015 giving goal. We realized when we set the goal in early 2015 that it was a stretch goal, but we thought it was reasonable given the total of gifts we received in 2014. Here is an update of our 2015 General Fund giving.

We fell short of our stretch goal of $19.95M, receiving $18.4M in total gifts — about $1.5M short of that goal.

Though we did not reach our giving goal, we project that we will not run a deficit for 2015 and that is because of two reasons:

1. We had planned in our budget that if we hit our giving goal, we would make a significant additional payment toward the W83 mortgage. Since we did not reach our stretch goal, we didn’t make the additional payment. Even without that extra payment, we closed the year with our mortgage balance at $25.5M (down from $30.3M just two years ago).

2. Also, we’ve had a number of open staff positions that we were unable to fill in 2015 or have just recently been filled. This provided additional savings in last year’s expense budget.

We are thankful for how God continues to provide Redeemer with generous givers and we thank all of you who gave generously to Redeemer in 2015. The key principle to remember is it’s not equal giving, but equal sacrifice. We could not do what we do as a church without you. For those of you who call Redeemer your church home and haven’t yet started giving to Redeemer, please consider making Redeemer a part of your regular giving this year. 

As you will see this spring, we have a very ambitious vision to see the gospel grow in the city by starting new churches and raising up new leaders, and we will need everyone to accomplish the vision God has given us.

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2015 Year End Giving Update