$1 Million Matching Grant for Downtown Congregation Launch

Over the past 22 years, Redeemer has occupied a unique place in New York City. We’ve seen God change individual lives and the communal and cultural landscape of our city, through a gospel that reorients how we approach Him, relate to one another and interact with the city around us.

This past year we embarked on a journey to become more connected to the city than we have ever been by becoming three unique congregations. East and West Side congregations have launched and we are already seeing great fruit as a result. And now we are preparing to bring to life the third of our congregations.

Downtown is one of the most dynamic and densely urban parts of the city. In it we find creative people and commercial people, the wealthy and disadvantaged, the established and new immigrants. It is the oldest part of the city and the newest part of the city and the home for our new Downtown Congregation.

Two anonymous donors have presented us with a $1 million matching gift to help us secure worship space Downtown. For every dollar we raise within the Redeemer family, our donors will match those gifts up to $1 million. This is both a confirmation of Godwill and challenge for us to participate. Starting a new congregation requires commitment and sacrifice on the part of many people and we hope that you will join with us in this challenge.

Help us to bring Redeemer, Downtown. To find out more and to contribute to this challenge, please go to www.downtownchallenge.com.

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