Long-term goals and rationale

1. Strengthen Redeemer + reach more people + serve our communities.

  • Permanent space is required for ministry stability and flexibility.
  • Church planting needs to increase scale.
  • New ministries will first resource Redeemer, then all churches.

2. Create a movement of churches, equipped by city-wide ministries and led by strong central congregations.

  • New churches are the best way to attract new people; and only a multitude of churches will reach all the diverse people in a city.
  • City-wide ministries will equip churches with excellent ministry quality through training and economies of scale.
  • Redeemer can lead and align these churches with the same vision and core values.

3. Build a counter-culture for the common good; change the city by serving the city.

  • Christians renew the culture not by “taking over” a city in power, but by living in the city and serving its common good, integrating their faith and work in the public sphere.

4. Renew global cities, starting with New York City.

  • Cities are the influence centers of every culture. As the city goes, so goes the culture. New York is the most influential city of all.

5. Renew the world with the gospel.

  • This is the purpose of the church: to preach and live out the gospel in a way that transforms all creation (Mark 13:10; Matthew 24:14).

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