Rise Campaign

A movement of the gospel for the good of the city

Today five percent of city center New Yorkers are part of a gospel-teaching church. We believe that God could use the Rise vision to see that number rise to 15 percent—possibly reaching a tipping point of sorts that can bring gospel renewal to every neighborhood in New York City and, through it, the world.

Rise is a campaign to strategically accelerate the gospel movement in NYC toward a tipping point.

To make a gift to support the Rise Vision go to: rise.redeemer.com/give

I’ve never seen a vision with more potential to change the city, the world, and history—and also be so possible.

—Tim Keller


The tide of culture rising from New York could have the gospel in its DNA.


A gospel movement is already on the rise in New York.


This will take more than a church—it will take a movement.

Learn more about the Rise Vision at: rise.redeemer.com

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