Frequently asked questions

What is Redeemer’s vision?

To build a great city for all people through a gospel movement that brings about personal conversion, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal in New York and throughout the world.

What is a Vision Campaign?

Our Vision Campaign has three purposes. First, we will revisit and remember our purpose, the reason Redeemer is in New York City. Second, we will discern the next specific stage of our journey toward our vision. Third, we will deepen our practical, personal commitment to the vision. The entire fall will be dedicated to discussing and processing the vision together, culminating in an opportunity for each of us to commit to action with our finances, time, talents and service. What we do this fall and in the next few years will equip Redeemer as never before to achieve what God has called us to do. We are not just going to build a great church. We are going to build a great city.

What is the goal of the Vision Campaign?

The purpose of the campaign is to catapult Redeemer into the next phase of our vision. We have three goals for the campaign:

  1. Strengthen Redeemer by developing centers for worship and ministry.
  2. Reach more people by multiplying gospel-centered churches.
  3. Build community and serve our neighbors by launching new ministries.

What is the theme of the campaign?

Serving our neighbors, changing the world.

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will last for seven weeks, beginning on September 25 and ending on November 13. November 13 is Commitment Sunday, when we will ask everyone in the congregation to make a financial pledge in support of the vision. December 4 is Celebration Sunday, when we will celebrate what God has done through the campaign in our church.

How much money do we hope to raise, and where will it go?

We have not yet set a goal for the amount we hope to raise. Whatever the amount, we will distribute it in these proportions: 50% toward developing a community center, 25% to increase church planting, 25% to launching new ministries for the church and the city.

It has been said that the campaign will help Redeemer even if we don't raise a cent. How?

Four ways:

1. Increased volunteerism

  • We are launching 100+ new Vision Groups in the fall, all with new hosts.
  • We have a highly committed lay leadership team of 50+ people who are overseeing various parts of the campaign.
  • We are recruiting around 300 volunteers to call the entire congregation and invite them to our Vision Information Events.
  • We had 700 people indicate on response cards that they are willing to volunteer in some capacity for the Vision Campaign.

2. Increased community

  • Because we are starting 100+ Vision Groups this fall, we may have 1,000+ new people in fellowship! That is almost a 100% increase from where we were before the campaign.
  • It is our hope that a high proportion of these short-term Vision Groups will transition into long-term Fellowship Groups at the end of the campaign.

3. Increased prayer

  • We have launched a lay-led prayer team of 30 individuals who pray daily for all elements of the Redeemer vision, including the staff.
  • This team will also be organizing congregation-wide prayer events.
  • They will not stop praying after the campaign. Instead they hope to create an ongoing movement of prayer throughout the congregation.

4. Increased unity through education

  • Our common faith and our common vision is what unites us as a church. It is probable that before the campaign, fewer people could articulate Redeemer’s vision than we would like. After the two months of the campaign, it is our hope that everyone will be able to explain Redeemer’s vision in his or her own words.
  • By studying the same scripture each week in the Vision Groups and Fellowship Groups, and by doing the same personal devotions each day of the campaign, we will develop a common language and set of ideas with which to challenge each other to better be the church we want to be.

What is a Vision Group, and what’s so great about it?

A Vision Group is a special type of Redeemer small group. While all Fellowship Groups at Redeemer this fall are encouraged to use the new curriculum that tracks with the current Sunday sermon series, 100 new Vision Groups have been created this fall to run for seven weeks during Redeemer’s Vision Campaign from September 25 through November 12.

All of Redeemer’s groups will use the scripture of the weekly sermons to investigate and discuss in detail the biblical basis for Redeemer’s vision. The sermons this fall focus on how we believe God is calling us to serve NYC as his people. The new Vision Groups provide a venue to discuss Tim Keller’s sermons in a safe environment, allowing all of us to share in the excitement, express any concerns, and make sense — at a personal and community level — of Redeemer’s vision and how we can be a part of it. Outside of Christian fellowship, our church’s vision can only be an exciting idea; in community, we can make it a tangible and practical reality.

Many of those who attend Redeemer are not currently in Fellowship Groups. These 100 new Vision Groups make a place for the whole congregation to enjoy fellowship with a commitment to only the seven weeks of the Vision Campaign. Of course, we hope that the experience of sharing thoughts, feelings, and concerns about living out the Christian faith in New York City will be an addictive one. We hope many will want to participate in Fellowship Groups once we have all experienced the significance of weekly discussion of the sermons, bearing each other’s burdens, and sharing each other’s joys.

What are the major campaign events I should know about?

September 25: Campaign Kickoff, Vision Group Kickoff
This is the official start of the campaign. We want all of our staff and as many people as possible from the congregation to join a Fellowship Group or Vision Group by this date.

October 2: Vision Information Event following services on the East Side
The Vision Information Events will be 30- to 40-minute sessions following the worship service. Tim will explain the vision and take questions from the congregation.

October 16: Vision Information Event following services on the West Side

October 22: Congregational Dinner for Redeemer Members
Our first ever congregational dinner is open to members and prospective members who have already submitted their application for membership and completed the membership class. The dinner will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. For questions, please contact Brian at [email protected].

November 13: Commitment Sunday
On this day we will ask everyone who has not yet made a financial pledge to Redeemer’s Vision Campaign to make a pledge during the worship service.

December 4: Celebration Sunday
On this day we will celebrate the fruits of all our work and announce how much we have raised as a church.

What does it mean to make a pledge in support of the vision?

We are asking everyone to decide how much money he or she will give to support the Redeemer vision over the next three years. The amount is not a replacement of what you already give to Redeemer, but should be over-and-above what you are currently giving to Redeemer.

How can I learn more?

We have developed a Vision Website to serve as a focal point for getting more information and getting involved. Starting September 1, you can go to and you will automatically be given the choice of entering our new vision site. Features of the site include the following:

  • In-depth explanations of our vision and strategy.
  • Streaming video and audio about the campaign and our future.
  • Free streaming audio of the Redeemer weekly sermons from September 25 to November 6.
  • A blog written by Tim Keller about the vision.
  • Sign-ups and weekly curriculum for vision groups.
  • A daily devotional for the duration of the campaign.
  • Interactive ability to submit ideas to incorporate into the vision and strategy.

The Redeemer Newsletter will have articles and important information about the campaign.

We will be periodically mailing information and brochures to the congregation with information about the vision throughout the fall.

Why is it so important to “strengthen Redeemer, multiply churches and launch new ministries”?

The short answer is, we think these are the necessary next steps to move closer to our vision. Why are these the necessary next steps? That is the question we will be answering all fall — in the vision groups, at the information sessions, on the website, in the newsletters and in other campaign literature.

How can people give?

People will be able to give in multiple ways:

Redeemer History | Philosophy of Ministry | Rise Campaign | Annual Report | Redeemer Guide (PDF) | Elected Leaders | 25th Anniversary | Rent W83 Ministry Center | Past Vision Updates