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Using the CG Group Health Assessment Tool

1. Log into your Redeemer account.

2. Under tab "Involvement", locate your Leader Coach Group category.

Click on the name of the CG group you visited.

3. Select the "Group Visits" tab.

The list shows previous Group Visit Health Assessments.

To start a new Group Health Assessment, click the green button "Add Contact Received By This Org"

4. IMPORTANT: Your Group Health Assessment questions will appear based on the following Contact Setup selections.

Make sure all five Contact Setup fields are selected as shown:

Your Group Health Assessment questions appear.

5. Click on the blue button at any time to save progress.

*** We recommend you click at least once immediately after setting the above 5 Contact Setup fields.

6. Filling out the survey:

Click on the field to bring up the answer choices.

Be sure to check the blue mark to confirm your answer.

7. When you're finished, your Assessment will appear in the list of Group Visits on the CG group page.