See the dates in the timeline below to see Redeemer’s accomplishments and goals for our vision.


Redeemer is founded in September 1989 by a group of 20 people.

No ministries, fellowship groups or staff.


The Redeemer Church Planting Center is launched.

The Diaconate and Hope for New York begin their ministries.

Congregation meets at Hunter 4 times a week with 3,000 regular attenders.


The Center for Faith & Work, which was launched in 2002, has 10 vocational groups.

Redeemer is a multi-site congregation with 4,200 regular attenders.

The Redeemer Church Planting Center has planted 100 new churches worldwide.


Redeemer owns one community center with worship space for 1,000 people and is searching for a second one.

We help plant our 70th church in NYC.

Affordable, high-quality day-care and after-school programs available to Redeemer families.

Dozens of university graduates receive training and mentoring in integrating faith and work.


Redeemer develops its third community center, with space for 1,800 people.

A Cultural Center impacts NYC arts world with hope and beauty.

More Christian families choose to stay in the city.

We have helped plant 125 churches in NYC area and have recruited 200 more into a strategic alliance.

Thousands of urban churches use evangelistic resources from Redeemer.

Redeemer-led movement of long-term community development transforms 10 poor communities into prospering mixed-income neighborhoods.


Christian playwrights acclaimed in NYC theater world.

Every neighborhood welcomes the presence of its Christian churches.

Some major world-influencing art and entertainment is gospel-inspired.

City-wide network of churches led by Redeemer grows to 400.

75,000 gospel-centered Christians are living and working in center-city New York.

All churches are resourced by world-class experts from agencies in faith and work, social justice, evangelism and community-building.

Many thousands of new professions of faith in our NYC network churches every year.