Redeemer Presbyterian Church:

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Community Groups

The most important way to get plugged into the life of our congregation is to become involved in a Community Group. These are places to both cultivate a relationship with God and friendships with others. Find a group.


New Year's Group

One of the best ways to experience positive change in life is through forming community with others to build stronger friendships and cultivate a relationship with God. That's what community groups do. So try a CG this year. The East Side has many new groups available to welcome you, and we've started a few new groups for those new to New York or to the Redeemer Community. Find a Group.


We have New Year's Groups, Questioning Christianity Groups, and Community Groups. See our group options to learn which might fit you best.


Find a group


Find a group


Learn more about how you can lead a group, or see our leader resources.