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Ikhethelo, formerly known as Makaphutu, is a Christian orphanage that is home to 48 children ranging in ages from one to 18 years old. It seeks to be a loving community that provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children. It is located in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, which is about a 45 minute drive from the coastal city of Durban. Missions trips to Ikhethelo started in 2012, and we are excited about continuing this special relationship.

In past years, this trip facilitated activities that ranged from providing business skills courses for young adults in the local community as well as activities for the children at Ikhethelo. This year's trips will focus on running special programs for the children at the orphanage. Sports, music, arts and crafts, homework help, Bible studies, and mentorship classes are options of what the team will be engaged in. Last year, the team's favorite activities were a BBQ and praise night with the children and staff of Ikhethelo, as well as celebrating and sharing Easter with everyone. All skills and vocations are welcome, and we will tailor the activities toward the strengths and gifts of the team members. Musical and artistically- inclined team mates are especially welcome!

For the past two years, we ran a leadership program to bring six of the children to New York City, along with their social worker. We shared a little bit of our lives and careers with them to encourage and motivate them to future leadership in their own community. We hope to continue both this missions trip and the leadership program in coming years and build on the relationship we've fostered with them over the years.