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The population of Madagascar is estimated at just over 22 million, 90 percent of whom live on less than two dollars per day. The majority of the population adheres to traditional beliefs, Christianity, or an amalgamation of both. Malagasy and French are both official languages. This is a mission trip that needs French-speakers, though English is spoken there as well. We will be working with a church plant called Tana City Church. It was planted in 2000 and is in Antananarivo, the capital. 2017 will be our fifth year of mission trips to Madagascar, and we are very excited about both the work that we’ll be doing and the relationships we’ll be continuing.

Medical July 27- August 6

We've done four Medical trips to Madagascar. The following is a 2015 synopsis, and every year follows a similar pattern:

The 2015 Medical group consisted of an Optometrist, two Physicians, an RN, a Physical Therapist, and other healthcare professionals. Under Tana City Church’s auspices, they were able to evaluate and care for locals in the community. People walked for miles with no shoes and showed up hours early in order to be seen by our doctors, and the team saw about 150 patients with a wide range of ailments. Along with treatment, the teammates were able to deliver a series of lectures and hands-on training to local Malagasy healthcare providers to advance their skill levels. For the seminars, each of the participants had been hand-picked and invited by the Ministry of Public Health to attend. Classes included “Drug Interaction”, “Patient Counseling”, “Post-partum hemorrhage”, “Adult Hemiplegia” and many others. Those who attended the classes were given a certificate of participation & continuing education, issued by the Madagascar Ministry of Health. The awarding of this certificate signified professional development and will be very useful long-term to those who were present in the sessions. From the clinic to the classes, the team provided comprehensive care, evaluations, and training, and they were able to give lasting help to locals in the community as well as the local health care providers. We will replicate the 2015 trip in the Medical trip this year by teaching Medical classes to local specialists, as well as treating patients. This trip will work closely with Growing the Nations  Growing the Nations non-profit. 

Education July 27- August 6th


We are excited to bring back a vocational missions trip that serves our host Growing the Nations in Madagascar. The trip is open to all, but especially paraprofessional educators, teachers and administrators. The team will focus on building local capacity, helping bring lasting change into the education system. The team will host a 2-day workshop with the following focus areas:

1)     Special needs education

2)     Early childhood/ Pre-school education

3)     Junior phase/ Elementary school (grades 1-3)

4)     Primary school (grades 1-7)

5)     High school (grades 8-12)

6)     Sports/ Physical education

The trip will also include field work visits to local schools where teammates will create demo lesson plans, observe teaching sessions and provide feedback to the teachers, provide general classroom assistance and help create Individualized Education Plans for 30 special needs children. Teammates will also join with local community members in building playgrounds at three schools. 

Our host has specifically mentioned they would love to have a Vacation Bible School for children with autism, and if enough teammates have a special education background, we would love to bless in this way. If you have a desire to serve underprivileged schools please consider joining this trip!

Finance June 29- July 9 

The past two years we've sent mission teams that focused on teaching Finance and Business skills to locals, in order for them to advance their skill level and start their own businesses. It was very popular- the team had to turn people away from the classes after the room was at capacity with 100 people. In 2017 we plan to send a team that will do follow up on 2016's students, and continuing education classes will be taught. Leadership training has been requested, and CFW-related seminars are a possibility as well. Classes will be held at Tana City Church. This year's team will be doing more mercy ministry, and will be working with street kids, an orphanage, and with the poor of the community. Activities and projects will depend on the skills of the teammates. The team will be hosted at private homes and stay at a hotel downtown near Tana Church.