Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Renewing the city socially, spiritually and culturally


We hope you will consider our two July Johannesburg Mission Trips! One trip will be hosted by Christ Church Midrand, a church that has a long-term relationship with Redeemer. The other will be hosted by the Christ Church Christian Care Center, an orphanage in the Hillbrow section of Johannesburg. We've been going to both locations for seven years, and our relationships and previous work on various projects have made for solid and impactful mission trips to a city that is still struggling with the effects of Apartheid.

Our 5 C's- hosted trip will concentrate on serving the 50+ children living in this 16 year old orphanage. It was founded by a pastor and his wife in a very poor section of Johannesburg. We will stay on campus and do various activities with the children while they're on school holiday. We will help them study and prepare for their upcoming classes, take them on field trips, and in general spend time with these precious kids. The facility needs work done on it, so any individual in the construction field will be a welcome addition to the team. 

Our Christ Church Midrand-hosted trip accomplished the following in 2015 and 2016:

We worked at the Nokuphila school, which provides competitive education to vulnerable children from the local Tembisa Township. We hosted a field trip for the staff, the children, and mothers of many of the students— more than 200 people! We took them to see a local theatrical production- a first-time experience for the children- and we considered it both educational and great source of fun for all involved. 

We did structural upgrades at Nokuphila since the trip leader is in the construction field. The team built 20 benches to be used for Nokuphila's general assemblies. This is something the school has been needing, and it was great to be able to fulfill this request.

We hosted events such as a “Teacher Appreciation” party, a “Praise and Worship Night”, a “Celebration Day”, and a hot dog and a pizza party at Nokuphila.

Finally, we spent a day working with a non-profit organization called Kliptown (a CNN Heroes award recipient) in Soweto, where we painted various homes and in general connected up with the awesome work of this effective non-profit.

We plan similar activities for 2017.

A highlight of this trip is spending quality time with our church partners there, Christ Church Midrand and Tembisa Church, by attending their services, weekly programs and through various dinners, bible study groups, and socials. In many of the week’s endeavors we partnered with and worked alongside the congregants. What a wonderful way to get to know our Brothers and Sisters while serving together and aiding them in their endeavors.

We stay in a house on the Nokuphilu School campus, and we tour the city and go to the Apartheid Museum to better understand the culture and history of South Africa.

We hope you will consider either trip!