Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Renewing the city socially, spiritually and culturally

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most multicultural and beautiful cities in the world. This populous city was also recently named the best place in the world to visit by the New York Times. Despite being a famous tourist destination with world-class hotels and resorts, statistics show a high poverty rate, with households struggling to keep fed and where unemployment can hover at 35%. Along with the rest of South Africa, Cape Town struggles to move on from the apartheid era.

Redeemer City to City is blessed to be connected with many thriving churches in Cape Town, including our trip host, Hope City Presbyterian Church.  An objective of this particular trip is to build solid relationships with the residents in order to bring them closer to the Hope City Church community. We will hold an exciting Faith & Work conference where we will share testimonies about how we integrate our faith and our work and discuss what it means to truly incorporate our Christian faith into our vocational lives.

In addition to ministering with the Hope City Church, we will also be interfacing with Christ Church Strand, a ministry run by Pastor Peter Makapela. The team will lead community groups with the congregation and provide materials and tools for ongoing studies. The team will be engaged in various ways in Sunday worship services and help the church facilitate outreach programs to the local community. We will be organizing and executing a sustainable soup kitchen for the surrounding community. We will also be taking on several church infrastructure projects. 

Teammates will also serve at the Ikhayalethemba Village Orphanage, where Mama Lumka has been providing care for orphaned and vulnerable children since 2004; many of whom have physical and intellectual disabilities. Mama Lumka is affectionately known as “The Wheelbarrow Saint”, as she used to walk through the township with a wheelbarrow collecting children who had been abused and neglected. We can assist with playtime for the kids, reading to them, serving meals and constructing puzzles. Occupational therapists, physical therapists and nurses are welcome to work with the children at this facility.

Our goal is to continue to cultivate relationships with our church plants, deeply engage with their congregational life, serve in their outreach programs and get a better sense and understanding of the challenges of the city and region. This will be our fifth trip to Cape Town and teammates have consistently stated that this trip was an amazing experience they’ll never ever forget.