05 2013

NYC Re-Imagined

There are many ways Christians can engage the city. Serving those in great need, fulfilling our civic responsibilities, protesting perceived injustices, and advocating for things that promote the flourishing of the city are all good. But what about participating in what the city has to offer? God is at work all across this city, and invites us to see His work through events that showcase His common grace in a variety of ways—public readings, artistic events, museum tours, city walks, and even foosball tournaments can show us glimpses of His glory. To this end, we invite you participate this summer in NYC Re-Imagined.
What is NYC Re-Imagined? Well, for those of you who attended the Center for Faith & Work’s Gospel and Culture Conference last November, this summer series is similar to what was entitled “Glimpses.” They were small events (typically 8-15 people) that took place the night before the Conference, scattered throughout the city, including plays, food tours, architecture viewing, star gazing, etc. Whatever the event, the hosting leaders helped participants see our great city with a new set of eyes, seeking to glimpse God at work through every aspect of life here.
Now, picture these types of cultural events held not just on one night, but extended across the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE, targeting each of our congregational communities (Downtown, East, & West) to see these areas of the city (vocationally and geographically) with new eyes and begin to envision what God might be doing in and throughout the city. This is NYC Re-Imagined.
Our hope is that these events will be as varied and unique as this city and the members of Redeemer. So grab your friends, your community group, your colleagues, and engage the city through a gospel-centered lens. June is a time when New York seems to come alive. The weather is warm, the days are long, and on nearly every corner there is something happening that is so uniquely New York that it feels sometimes as if the city is just begging you to be involved. And in a way, it is. 
Would you like to help us re-imagine New York City? Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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