09 2010

Job Searching? The Courage of Showing Up

When I was called into the managing director’s office one morning in November 2008, I knew what was going to happen. After all, what would a mortgage-backed security analyst expect in the midst of a financial crisis? Sure enough I was laid off by a major financial institution where I’d worked for almost 3 years.

After that eventful morning, I took nine months off, reevaluating the priorities of my life. Being a part of Wall Street has been a dream of mine since college. Over the years I did everything I could to get my foot in the door. When I finally did, the dream didn’t really come through as I’d imagined. I felt very lost.

One day, I decided to check out the Job Search Round Table jointly sponsored by Redeemer’s Center for Faith and Work and Diaconate. I got to know caring Diaconate members such as Roger Spivack and Jenny Chang and fellow Christians who are in similar circumstances. By attending the Round Table every Thursday, I found the support that kept my spirit up when I felt beaten up by a very difficult job market. I also found plenty of valuable information and job search tools from the Redeemer Job Search Skill Training class.

Two weeks ago, I accepted an offer from another major financial institution. Even though the role was a complete departure from my previous work experience, the decision was easy because I was coached to understand my strength and my needs after job-related burn out. In all honesty, I don’t think I can claim credit for finding a job except for working up the courage to show up.

It all started with showing up for the Job Search Round Table to be with my fellow job seekers. Then it was about showing up for all five weeks of job search training class to be an effective job hunter. I met my current manager because I showed up for one of CFW’s Financial Services Ministry monthly meetings and gave her my business card (the only reason I had one was because Roger insisted that all job seekers should have one). When I was called out of the blue for an interview, for no reason other than God’s grace, I showed up for the meeting asking questions about a role very foreign to me. When a second interview was arranged, I showed up again even though I still wasn’t sure about the position. And now I am making sure that I show up every day for work.

I am very thankful to our Father in Heaven, whose grace is shown in my siblings in Christ for their ministry of teaching, guiding and supporting me through a very difficult and confusing period of transition.

For more info on Redeemer’s resources for job seekers visit www.redeemer.com/care/career_center/

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