08 2009

God’s Amazing Hand in Our Search For Work

For the past seven and a  half years, I worked at a nearby law school, where I received two promotions, a total of three positions acquired without interviews—all a testament of God’s kind favor. Friendships formed, skills were acquired, some smooth sailing, and some rough hours were accumulated during my tenure there.

My colleagues, especially my supervisor seemed to take the news rather hard regarding the termination of my position. He called me into his office for what I surmised was our weekly meeting, but his voice began to crack, his body fidgeted, his right hand now on his forehead, as he said, “I have some very difficult news to share with you.” I quickly responded, “Are you ok? Is your family ok?” And then, he delivered the news, to which I sighed and remarked, “Oh, that’s it.” I really thought he was going to shed tears. The next 20 minutes reminded me of our usual meeting time, i.e. rapidly troubleshooting a situation at hand, though, this time—I or rather my new predicament was the subject. However, strangely and honestly, I felt a release—a strong sense of peace, comfort, and freedom—after hearing the news.

For the past few years, our heavenly Father has been teaching me much about the idolatry of control. And here was a perfect opportunity for me to be tested on the subject matter. Who is really in control of my life?

That was three months ago.

After about two months I realized I needed an action plan. The scripture verse, “But seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33) came to mind. Accordingly, I approached Jenny Chang, Director of the Diaconate, to see if I could volunteer with her office, and she said she had something perfect for me to do.

I became one of the founding members of the Job Search Round Table, an initiative by the Diaconate and Center for Faith and Work, spearheaded by Roger Spivack, Katherine Leary and Jenny Chang. In addition to coordinating the Roundtable efforts, Roger Spivack also leads the Job Search Skills Training classes (http://www.redeemer.com/jobsearchskillstraining) for our church community. And, what a blessing it has been!

From 11:00AM to 1:00PM on Thursdays at the church office, those seeking employment by those seeking employment encourage each other during this challenging time. We also receive a teaching from a Redeemer staff member and form industry break-out groups to share and hold each other accountable with goal setting endeavors from the week prior.

God has used this forum to do great things. For example, Danny, who is a recent transplant from Florida, came to the Roundtable two weeks ago, shared with my industry group that he submitted 120 job applications. God used him to encourage me to get started, so for the next week I set out to complete 20 applications, and through God’s strength, I submitted 45. I now have over 80 applications completed, and my first interview is in a few days. Others at the Roundtable remark weekly—what a great gift and haven this forum has been, as sometimes, it’s difficult to speak so openly about how one’s faith intersects with one’s job search.

My job search has now begun, and I look forward to seeing God’s faithfulness yet again in my life. 

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