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We hope you will consider our July Johannesburg Mission Trip! We will be working with 70+ children living in a 18-year-old orphanage in the Hillbrow section of Johannesburg called the Christ Church Christian Care Center. We will stay on campus and do various activities with the children while they're on school holiday. We will help them study and prepare for their upcoming classes, take them on field trips, and in general spend time with these precious kids. We can host events such as a “Staff Appreciation” party, a “Praise and Worship Night”, and a hot dog and pizza party- all of which we've done in the past.

Finally, we will visit different churches, one of them Valley Community Church. No special skill is needed for these events, other than the willingness to share your testimony with the congregants. It is a wonderful opportunity for evangelism, as well as sharing in community with the parishioners of these sister churches.

We will tour the city and go to the Apartheid Museum to better understand the culture and history of South Africa.

We have been going to Johannesburg for ten years, and it's our longest-running mission trip. Our relationships here are well-established and have produced much fruit. Come be a part of this long-standing, impactful trip!

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