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Guatemala City

Redeemer will be continuing their connection with the Casa Aleluya orphanage in Guatemala City. The partnership with Casa Aleluya allows each group participant to use their individual gifts to bless the 400 children in the orphanage in their own way. Whether you are a hairdresser, cook, dentist, or coach, Casa Aleluya will encourage you to use your personal skill set to bless the children. In the last several years we have helped renovate the children’s dorms, throw birthday parties and pizza parties for the children, hold soccer tournaments, host the Casa teens at a local restaurant, make tie dye T-shirts, care for and hold infants, organize hundreds of donations, build and decorate the transitional life dorms, create a garden, provide homework help and spend endless hours just loving on and playing with the children. We often spend mornings on the various projects (while the children are in school), and then spend the afternoon and evenings with the children. This 30-year old orphanage is an amazing work of God where children who would otherwise be abandoned are loved, taught in a Christian school, live in Christian homes and hear the Word of God on a daily basis.

We also serve an organization called Asociación Buena Vista, which is an elementary school, church, community center and mission center located in Chimaltenango. The center was founded six years ago by a group of missionaries, including a couple from Redeemer- Stephen and Juliet Choi. During our stay at Buena Vista we will conduct home visits in the nearby villages to pray with families and bring them needed supplies like food, toiletries, and children’s toys. Whatever special skills our teammates posess, we'll organize a project or program around them to be used during these home visits as well.

You will not leave Guatemala unchanged. God’s love is so powerful there that it captures your heart and builds life-long relationships with the children and your fellow missionaries.

We stay on the orphanage campus in the visitor dorms (much like a college dorm setting), prepare our own meals, and meet missionaries from all over the world who have come to work at Casa Aleluya & Buena Vista.

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