Ghana is a country situated alongside the Atlantic coast in West Africa. It's a multicultural nation of 27 million and is considered one of the safest and most stable countries on the African continent. English is the principal language.

Redeemer City to City has developed a relationship with Pastor Samuel Boateng, who ministers to a church of 200 called Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church. It is located 1/2 hour outside of the capital of Accra in a town called Aburi (located on the Akuapem Ridge), in the Akuapem-Eastern Region.

We are happy to announce that we are launching an inaugural trip to serve this church in 2018. Pastor Samuel has requested a Medical Missions trip, but is open to anyone who wants to serve and experience how God is working in this community.

The team will stay at a Christian retreat center that has played host to a number of organizations from around the world. The medical clinic would be near the retreat center, and the teammates working at the clinic will work in partnership with local healthcare professionals. "There is a real need in this country for better medical care", according to Pastor Boateng, "and optometrists and dentists would be especially welcome."

For non-Medical teammates, Pastor Samuel would love Business/Finance/Entrepreneurship classes to be offered to the local community, as well as a Faith & Work event. He mentioned the need for assistance in advancing their children's ministry, so anyone who is associated with children's programming would be welcome. The team would be included in the church services by highlighting any musical talents they posess and by sharing their testimonies. The team will develop relationships with the congregants by attending community groups and through hosting a church-wide picnic.

Redeemer Missions is very excited about the opportunity to begin a new relationship with Pastor Samuel, the Church on the Akuapem Ridge, and the wider community of Aburi. Please consider this trip!

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