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Remembering MLK

Created in God's Image:
Remembering the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In response to reported comments made by the President regarding Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations, the Grace & Race Ministry of the Redeemer Presbyterian Churches affirms that the use of vulgar and disparaging language to describe any country, or group of people from a country, is incompatible with the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).

The Bible affirms that every person is made in God’s image and is therefore worthy of being treated with honor, dignity, and respect (Genesis 1:27). On this weekend, as our nation remembers and celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we affirm these words found in Dr. King’s The American Dream sermon: “We must never forget this as a nation: there are no gradations in the image of God. Every man from a treble white to a bass black is significant on God’s keyboard, precisely because every man is made in the image of God.”