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Getting Started

Our habits shape us over time — a daily habit of prayer and scripture can help us become more attentive to God and allow the truths of the gospel to more deeply change our lives. We suggest you start by carving out 15 minutes each morning and evening and consider increasing the time as you go. It’s important to set aside regular times to pray. 

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What to expect

Morning & Evening

There are two devotionals each weekday, one in the morning and one in the evening which you can access from the home page of the Redeemer app next to your profile picture near the top of the page.

Reading plan

You will read one New Testament chapter and a Psalm every weekday morning, and one Old Testament chapter and a Psalm every weekday evening. Using this plan, you will read through the Old Testament once every three years, the New Testament once every year, and the Psalms three times a year.

Introducing the devotional elements

Each one of these elements is meant to be experienced as an extended conversation with God. God invites us to be with him, quietly enjoy his presence, listen to his word, and respond to him from our context, and sends us out with his blessing.

Call to Prayer

We start each devotional with an invitation to God’s presence, a reminder of the infinite and perfect character of God.

Opening Prayer

We will open with a prayer from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), centered around the themes of practices, community, and callings. These set prayers have been used by the church for centuries and draw us into worship as a corporate body of Christ.

Prayer of Confession

Prayers of Confession are honest reflections on how we fall short of God’s calling in our life to love him and to love others. They are also an expression of our need for God’s grace and forgiveness. There is a Prayer of Confession each morning.

Praying the Psalms

The Psalms have always been the prayer book of God’s people, teaching us to respond to God with a full range of emotion. There will be times when a psalm does not connect with your immediate experience. But remember you are praying with a community of Christians. Perhaps someone in your church is going through what the psalm is expressing. It may also be something you’ll go through someday.

Readings from the Old and New Testament

Every morning and evening has a reading from the Bible. This is not a time to read it for information, but to listen for God’s voice and to allow God’s word to address your life.

Prayers of Intercession and Thanksgiving

Jesus is our model for intercessory prayer and gives us the power to pray on behalf of others. In the morning, we bring to God the needs and concerns of our lives, family, work and church. In the evening, we thank God for what he is doing in each of these spheres. We’ve added prayer items in case you are stuck.


We conclude our intercessory prayers in the morning and thanksgiving prayers in the evening with a collect. A “collect” (pronounced kol-ekt) is a set prayer that “collects” a community together in prayer. The collects will take our individual, personal prayer and make it communal as we know others in the church are praying it, too. In the morning, we end with the Lord’s Prayer—Jesus' own words that teaches us to pray kingdom-centered prayers. In the evening, we end with a selection from the Book of Common Prayer.


Final blessing that reminds us of God’s good intentions for our lives, sending us out knowing we live in the assurance of God's love.

Adapted from Seeking God’s Face: Praying with the Bible through the Year, Written and compiled by Philip F. Reinders Faith Alive Christian Resources 2013


Read what others are saying about the devotional:

“It reminds me of God's love and His desire to fellowship with me, and builds my desire to commune with Him. This has really been transformational, helping me get into the habit of looking forward to daily devotions.”

“I find it is very helpful in orienting my thoughts towards the Lord first thing in the morning, without being too prescriptive about the passages. The combination of stand-alone prayers and unadorned scripture means that it is very helpful for growing one's personal faith.”

“It is theologically sound, efficient, and focused.”

“I can often get 'stuck' in my prayers and my preoccupied mindset follows such deep grooves at times that I don't remember just who God is, what he's done, what he offers... So the times I've been able to take advantage of the devotional have been a blessing.”

“There are enough different elements that anyone can get something out of it in a few minutes, or 30 minutes.”

“I think it gives great direction, allows you to read a little or a lot of scripture and I like the fact that I know others in the Redeemer community are reading and praying through the same content, which gives a sense of togetherness.”


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