Pray for the Diaconate

Pray for and with us:

“Prayer is simply the key to everything we need to do and be in life.” Tim Keller, Prayer


Here on the Diaconate, we consider you to be our ministry partners and we need your prayer support! Please pray for and with us…


For the week of 10.28.2018

As November is nomination month for elder, deacon and deaconess, please pray for God to raise up committed, godly new elders and Diaconate members for our church. Pray also:

·  That God would foster a spirit of openness among those who are nominated.

·  For motivations in the heart to serve and live out Christ’s love in each church.


For the week of 11.4.2018

We are seeking qualified mature Redeemer members to serve on the Session and Diaconate. Redeemer was founded as a church for the city and we strive to work towards the healing and prosperity of the city. Please pray:

·  For clarity of vision and unity of spirit for our elders as they make decisions that govern our church.

·  For wisdom and compassion for our deacons and deaconesses as they care for congregants facing distressing situations.

·  For those receiving Diaconate care, that their lives will be transformed by the Gospel and their faith in Christ be deepened as they face various hardships in their lives.

·  For those nominated or considering the nomination of others to serve on the Diaconate or Session.


For the week of 11.11.2018

·  Pray that God would convict each member of our church to grow in compassion and mercy in striving for shalom for our city.

·  Pray that God would shape each heart in our community to reflect His own.

·  Pray that our church would be one that is increasingly known for its transformational acts of mercy.

·  Pray that God would reveal to you any persons to nominate for the Session or the Diaconate.


For the week of 11.18.2018

The Diaconate’s mission is to provide care and support for those in our community. Today is the day our Diaconate ministry takes up a special offering at all services for our Mercy Fund. Please pray:

·  For God’s people to be generous remembering the grace they have received.

·  For our commitment to provide holistic care for our congregants, that we would be discerning and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and be good stewards of God’s resources.

·  For those in our church family who are struggling, that the people we walk alongside can thrive.


For the week of 11.25.2018

Nomination month comes to a close at end of the month. Please pray:

·  For an abundance of new nominations to come in by November 30th.

·  That God would provide many new leaders to effectively care for the needs of our three congregations.

·  That those who have been nominated would be open to the possibility of serving our church as deacons, deaconesses and elders and to nurture the desire to serve our community.

·  That God would grant wisdom as we close the nomination process and proceed into the next phase.



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