Diaconate Meals Ministry

The care of God’s people comes in a variety of forms. One of the unique but effective avenues the Diaconate has established to allow church members to serve one another is its Meals Ministry. Through the simple act of cooking and delivering a hot meal to an individual or family in need, the love of Christ is spread in a tangible and practical way. Below you can read in their own words how Meals Ministry recipients have been directly blessed through these simple acts of mercy extended to them by members of our faith community.

"My wife was diagnosed with the single most deadly cancer possible, a butterfly glioma, five days after giving birth to our only child. That was heartbreaking. Everything was a struggle: constant hospital visits, a newborn, and of course the pain of the situation. The Meals Ministry was a quiet and reassuring constant in our lives. Countless wonderful Redeemer members provided meals for well over a year. That was one worry that we didn't have to concern ourselves with. My wife ultimately succumbed to the cancer only a few weeks ago, but the kindness shown by Redeemer and the Meals Ministry was one of the very few positive things from this whole ordeal. I know that we will never forget it."

"When I was informed that the meals ministry would be providing dinner for our family during the time of our son’s brain surgery, I thought it was a nice gesture, but I hadn’t thought about meals at all, and I certainly hadn’t placed them high on the priority list. I was soon grateful that someone did have the foresight to understand that eating would be essential, and as his hospital stay extended to almost three weeks, I began to see what a great need it actually met as we shuttled the length of Manhattan between our home and the hospital daily. In this act of a meal, we humbly experienced God’s care through an outpouring of generosity of the church community."

"We were so touched by the time, effort and resources sacrificed to help our days go by much smoother following the birth of our son. These meals helped save a lot of time and energy for us in a time when those were scarce. But even more importantly, it helped us feel loved as part of the church community."

Christine Kim, a faithful servant attending Redeemer Lincoln Square, has sacrificed much time and energy to make this ministry possible, managing meal requests and coordinating volunteers to fulfill those requests.

The Meals Ministry seeks to serve those who are bedridden or homebound for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Welcoming a new baby
  • Suffering from chronic illness
  • Undergoing medical treatments
  • Recovering from surgery/injury
  • Eldery limitations

If you would like to submit a request for meals, or if you would be willing to bless another member of the Redeemer community by providing a meal, please contact Christine at [email protected].

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