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Tim Keller Q&A

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The following are excerpts from Tim Keller’s Q&A sessions. Highlighted here are some answers to some interesting and frequently asked questions.




Is the Bible literally true?  Listen
How do Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 relate?  Listen
Is the New Testament canon reliable and accurate?  Listen




Why join a church?  Listen


Contemporary topics and issues


Frodo as Christ figure in The Lord of the Rings  Listen
Tolkien’s imagination and the transformation of Anglo-Saxon mythology  Listen




How did Jesus give up his treasure on the cross?  Listen


Election and predestination


What is the doctrine of election?  Listen




Where did evil come from?  Listen




What does it mean to “fear” God?  Listen


God’s will


God’s blueprint for our life vs. ours  Listen
God’s secret and revealed will  Listen
Our screw-ups and God’s will, Part 1  Listen
Our screw-ups and God’s Will, Part 2  Listen




If my fear of punishment is gone, what’s my incentive to live a holy life?  Listen
Jesus as Redeemer, not merely a teacher  Listen




Giving and spending money  Listen
Sacrifice and the tithe  Listen




Does prayer really change things?  Listen
The Lord’s Prayer: Lead us not into temptation  Listen
Prayer and the second commandment  Listen




Does reincarnation fit with Scripture?  Listen


Sex and singleness


Dating a person who does not share your beliefs  Listen
Jesus as lover  Listen
Sexual “compatibility”  Listen
Celibacy and sexual “fasting”  Listen
Is there a biblical commandment against premarital sex?  Listen




Does God forgive sins you continue to repeat?  Listen




How can Christianity be both monotheistic and Trinitarian?  Listen




Vocation: Three parts to discerning a call  Listen