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Redeemer-wide Ash Wednesday service

February 26, 2020, 7 p.m.
W83 Ministry Center: 150 W. 83rd St.

Lenten Devotionals

“Preparing Our Hearts for Easter”

What is Lent? The word “Lent” comes from the Old English word “lengten,” which simply means “spring”when the days lengthen and new life springs forth. It is a time in which we anticipate the victory of the light and life of Christ over the darkness of sin and death. It is, to borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, a season of a kind of “happiness and wonder that makes you serious.”It is our prayer that as you journey with us from Ash Wednesday to Easter, you would be reminded of the reality of our broken humanity, but as days grow brighter, you would experience with greater abundance the reality of God’s redeeming grace. And so, just as we carefully prepare for big events in our personal lives, such as a wedding or commencement, Lent invites us to make our hearts ready for remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection. If you are interested in other Lent resources, Redeemer has published a group study booklet, a printed version of the Lent Devotionals and a seven-week sermon series on Lent. See below to learn more about these resources.


Week 1

Lent Day 1: The Dust

Lent Day 2: The Bow

Lent Day 3: The Darkness

Lent Day 4: The Test

Week 2

Lent Day 5: The Lion

Lent Day 6: The Passover

Lent Day 7: The Prayer

Lent Day 8: The Priest

Lent Day 9: The House

Lent Day 10: The King

Week 3

Lent Day 11: The Son

Lent Day 12: The Stone

Lent Day 13: The Scorn

Lent Day 14: The Appeal

Lent Day 15: The Forsaken

Lent Day 16: The Champion

Week 4

Lent Day 17: The Name

Lent Day 18: The Chosen Servant

Lent Day 19: The Servant Israel

Lent Day 20: The Sinless Servant

Lent Day 21: The Suffering Servant

Lent Day 22: The Waters

Week 5

Lent Day 23: The Spirit

Lent Day 24: The Branch

Lent Day 25: The Good Shepherd

Lent Day 26: The Treasure of the Nations

Lent Day 27: The Coming King

Lent Day 28: The Mourning

Week 6

Lent Day 29: The Lamb

Lent Day 30: The Fast

Lent Day 31: The Leper

Lent Day 32: The Adulteress

Lent Day 33: The Call

Lent Day 34: The Prediction

Week 7

Lent Day 35: The Anointing

Lent Day 36: The Cleansing

Lent Day 37: The Plot

Lent Day 38: The Washing

Lent Day 39: The Cross

Lent Day 40: The Grave

This series was written for the Lenten season several years ago. Based on positive feedback, these devotionals (from 2011) will remain available in our resources section.